What do you love about the Upper Peninsula?

Zac J.

Salt Lake City, Utah
"The massive inland sea. AKA: the world's largest, cleanest, and best lake."

William H.

Merrill, Wisconsin
"Great environment, Great people"

JoAnne P.

Newark, Ohio
"The quiet, the sound of water lapping on the shore of those beautiful lakes. Watching the sun set or rise over the water. There is so much beauty in the UP,it is impossible to list. I love it all and wish we could visit more often."

Jennifer L.

"To me, the Upper Peninsula is like a "secret treasure" ready to expose its gems in so many dazzling ways! From shorelines to forests, and lighthouses galore,then to unique towns where there is more to explore. Historic and meaningful with great stories to learn, there is much to do, bring energy to burn. From storefronts and museums to camping and trails,fresh water and sweet air for the strong and the frail. And so you have it if you ask me, that's why I LOVE the beautiful U.P.!!"

Jenny T.

"I love to see the U.P. side of The Lake. I love the beaches, I love the long daylight in summer, I love the trees, and I love how summa youse talk up der anyhow."

Shannon O.

Ferndale, Michigan
"Everything! I spent all my summers on an old family farm in Atlantic Mine. Both sides of my family are from up there..maternal side from Ontonagan and paternal side from the Houghton area. My great grandpa Patrick O'Brien was a judge up in Houghton during the copper miner strikes. Lots of family history up there. I feel the place in my bones..Lake Superior moves me to the core. The pines, rock and air all inspire and invigorate. I don't want it to change too much..the Up is a treasure. A complete treasure!"

Jennifer O.

Lowell, Michigan
"I love the peace serenity and the great outdoors!"

Valerie J.

Cleveland, Ohio
"It is the most beautiful, peaceful place I have ever been, and has the nicest people I have ever met. The lakes are so wonderful. I only wish I could visit up there every year:(, But so happy that I did :). Love my "UP" family."

Brad W.

Oro Valley, Arizona
"I love the community and small town atmosphere throughout the entire UP. Most places claim to have a "small-town feel to them." The UP is comprised of actual small towns. It will always be home."

Kathleen L.

Woodland Park, Colorado
"My favorite thing to do when I get back to the U.P. is to go up to the tip of Keweenaw and ride along the Lake Shore Drive to enjoy Lake Superior. She (Superior) is my love and favorite thing to see. I run out of the car, usually at Eagle River, and start to take photos there of the water, the big ships, the rocks, and anything else that's associated with Superior at that time. I get back into the car and drive a little further until Eagle Harbor. Same procedure. I have to take more pics of the lighthouse and I must have hundreds, maybe thousands by now! Then it's on up to Copper Harbor and to the very tip of the state highway, US41. It dead ends there like it runs right into the water! Superior gives me peace and happiness, and it seems to say hello somehow every time that I return to her. It's been 4 years since I have been back there so I have a trip planned for this summer. I hope I have enough saved by then! Then, once again, I will make my trip of about 100 miles both ways and enjoy every single minute of it! Thank you for asking!"

Deanna M.

Wakefield, Michigan
"The smell of fresh snow. The woods. The history. That you're never far from a lake or river. The feeling of home I get just by seeing a welcome to Michigan sign. That no one really knows where we are. Laying on the shore of Lake Superior. That we get four seasons."

Brad P.

Nashville, Tennessee
"I love the 15-year-long rumor that Marquette will soon be getting an Olive Garden. "

John R.

Branson, Missouri
"It will always be home. "The motherland""

Robert R.

Iron River, Michigan
"I love that I live just 5 minutes from a river where I can put my kayak in and paddle all the way to the Gulf of Mexico or the Gulf of St Lawrence or anywhere in between."

Angela H.

Houston, Texas
"The geology, especially rock and mineral hunting. I'm a geological engineer from MTU, eh!"

Dave B.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
"I love the Taquamenon Falls and Newberry. "

Susan C.

Bryan, Ohio
"The beauty and the serene aloneness you can feel"

Kristine J.

Hancock, Michigan
"I love the Scenery, the people, being away from the city. I love the fact that any time I leave my driveway It only takes 5 minutes and I am in no mans land. It truly is God's country and you can be at peace. Everything In the UP is da best. <3"

Ann M.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
"I was Born there. I love the scenery. I Love the fish, it is pure and delicious. The people are really nice."

Sally L.

Scio, Ohio
"I love the memories of my childhood there and when I visit it fills my senses! The natural beauty and feeling of being home is almost spiritual. I can still hear us laughing!"

Susan M.

Kissimmee, Florida
"Fresh air, fresh water, beautiful scenery, great fishing, winter sports and snow, snow, snow. Can't forget the Pastys!"

Leigh L.

Cary, North Carolina
"My parents were raised in Ishpeming. I spent summers on Sporley Lake outside of Gwinn at my grandparents camp. I was born in the Keweenaw and love going to Copper Harbor. Going to Presque Isle in Marquette was a treat. and Pasties.. I love and miss good Pasties.. "

Scott A.

Green Bay, Wisconsin
"My family, my friends, the cabin and the Big Lake! The rest of it is pretty awesomely beautiful too!"

Craig S.

South Plattsburgh, New York
"It's heaven on earth. Most people don't know where or what a yooper is, and that suits me just fine!"

Cecilia W.

South Haven, Michigan
"The peaceful, quiet stillness."

Jack H.

Jenison, Michigan
"There are so many things that I could say that I could write a book about it...Oh..wait (Copy and pastes x 2) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/life-in-a-northern-town-jack-hart/1114202643?ean=9781466971226 http://img1.imagesbn.com/p/9781466971226_p0_v1_s260x420.JPG "

JoDiane C.

Rudyard, Michigan
"I love the clean air the clear skies especially our starlit nights, fresh water, friendly and caring people, storms that come and go without ravaging the earth, lots of wooded space and the many scenic areas of all types of topography. This is the U.P and after all it is God's Country."

Darren K.

Chicago, Illinois
"I love the place I was born. I love the smell of the pines as I walk through the woods. I love the cold rush of Lake Superior as I dip my head below the waves. I love the memories of my childhood, simple and carefree. I love being able to call it "home" no matter where I may go. #LoveDaUP"

Christina R.

Saint Peters, Missouri
"The natural beauty!!"

James P.

Riverdale, Michigan
"there isn't anything we don't like about the up.in fact we plan on spending a week or so up there this summer.we like off roading,trail riding,snowmobiling and taking photos.ghost towns are cool and the up has a few you can walk thru.we live in the lower part of michigan and visit often.it's a great get away and not have to travel very far. "

Ãndrea P.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Bugsy! And Yooper Steez, of course :)"

Jeri H.

Flint, Michigan
"I love the scenery and the fresh air. I feel like as soon as I cross over the bridge I am home. I love seeing my family too! "

John V.

Chippewa Falls, WI
"Everything. Next question please."

Patty H.

Fox River Grove, Illinois
"I love everything about the UP! It is so beautiful and peaceful every where you gothere is something in the air I can't explain!!! I just feel good when I am there!! "

Megan K.

St. Charles, Mi
"The hospitality and friendliness of those that call the Upper Peninsula home! "

Steven S.

Brimley, MI
"Let's see ... hiking, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, the Great Lakes, nature, wildlife, moose, wolves, deer, bald eagles, trout, pasties, winter, summer, spring, fall. Just to name a few."

Stacie S.

Houghton, Michigan
"The fact that i can see stars no matter where i go at night"

Helen L.

Marquette, MI
"Couldn't be more excited for the dog sled races TONIGHT! It's just one example of all the amazing events that take place throughout the Upper Peninsula each year. It takes a lot of effort from good, hardworking people, which there are lots of!"

Larisa B.

Dearborn, Michigan
"It's beautifully scenic. I love hiking and camping and can't wait to explore the UP, eh!"

Angela M.

Lansing, Michigan
"Not only is it where my fiance asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, but the Upper Peninsula contains the most majestic, naturally beautiful features of the entire state. "

Terry S.

Lansing, Michigan
"Pictured Rocks and The General Amount of Forest. "

Natalie V.

Palo Alto, California
"My parents met at Northern Michigan University. So if the UP didn't exist, neither would I! Plus I love its natural beauty and Yooper Steez :)"


Grand Rapids, MI
"Growing up my family always spent two weeks every summer near Cedarville, spending time on the water, boating, Then we would take day trips to Mackinac Island, Drummond Island, and Tahquamenon falls."

Stephanie M.

Key Largo, FL
"The people! Everyone is so nice when I go back home during the summers."

Paul V.

Minneapolis, MN
"Mostly I love the months between June and November. But as long as I have a warm pasty there isn't much to complain about."